Petite Shoes For Women - The Right Places To Shop For Them

Published: 15th May 2009
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Being petite is nice, but finding good petite shoes can be a major problem. Petite women's shoes are hard to find. The reason is not because petite size shoes are not made - shoe manufacturers produce shoes in all imaginable widths and sizes - the reason is that stores do not order them since there does not exist a high demand for shoes for small feet.

Ladies with exceptionally small feet are not often as lucky as their wide-footed friends believe them to be. Even if petite shoes like ladies shoe size 1 are found, they may still be too wide to fit petite, narrow feet. In fact, finding ladies shoe size 2 or ladies shoes size 3 is harder than finding large sized shoes.

Specialty stores that offer clothing exclusively for petite women may often feature petite shoes - but their selection is also usually very limited. Still at least there are a few options for shopping for petite women's shoes of the right size and narrow width.

When you are on the look out for petite size shoes, it is best to first check out at the chain stores if they carry the shoes of the required width. Even if the stores do not stock shoes for small feet, they will often be willing to place an order on your request if you pay an upfront deposit. Sometimes, you may even be expected to pay the full cost up front. The drawback to this option is that you may have to pay more than the true cost of shoes to cover shipping fees and handling charges.

The next option is to try visiting a small, privately owned store that advertises shoes for small feet. These stores welcome individual orders and will place special orders for ladies shoes size 1 in the styles you want. If they are not able to fulfill your order, they will extend their services by contacting other shoe stores to enquire if they stock the petite shoes you are looking for. However, in this case too, you will end up paying a higher price for petite women's shoes.

The third and most reliable option is to shop online. Today, there are plenty of online shoe stores that exclusively handle shoes for small feet. Simply Google 'petite size shoes' and you will be surprised at the staggering number of results before you. However, although you can browse through thousands of petite shoes, you will not be able to try on any of then before buying. Therefore it is important that you clearly understand the return, refund and exchange policies of the website before buying ladies shoes size 2.

The advantages of purchasing online are numerous. You can find the perfect-fit petite shoes of your dreams in various colors and styles at affordable prices. You may even pay considerably less for the petite size shoes than the total price at offline stores. Best of all, you can compare styles and prices and get the shoes delivered at your doorstep.

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